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Future Plan

Politics is the base of all policies; only dynamic politics sets the society in motion ready for timely transformation. I strongly believe that only a dynamic socio-economic and political perspective and structure can protect the interest of all mankind. Therefore, my future plan is to build a strong relationship with politics, strengthen it and make it vibrant and results-oriented. Besides this, I am preparing to conduct various campaigns to spread the message of humanity across the globe through social justice, development, and peace under my leadership by using technology. Our team is working day and night to launch a ‘new product’ based on technology, and we are likely to announce the mission in January 2021. Its head office will be in the USA and additional works will be carried out from Nepal. Along with this plan, I am preparing to write a book for the global market by mid-2022 and discussions are underway with one of the world’s most reputed publishers. After the success of my book ‘DESH KINA BANENA’ (Why country was not developed), I am excited to inform you that another book based on ‘prosperity’ is being launched in the Nepali market within the next four months.