Dear all,
Warm Greetings!

First of all, I would like to extend my heartfelt respect to all martyrs who sacrificed their valuable lives for the sake of our society, and all the dignitaries who continue to spend valuable time to do so.
Humans are the most creative beings with a lot of potential. However, the power of conservative cultural and religious bonds is holding back human potential. The common factor among all leading people in the world is that they have not been able to break those bonds yet; as a result, people are destined to live ordinary lives. Successful people are not the ones who follow the order of the society; instead they are the ones with the strength to lead society according to their conviction. This is the difference between ordinary and extraordinary people. Understanding this fact makes one realize the real purpose of life. Dynamism is an indicator of the extraordinary person. To be dynamic in life means to live a meaningful active life. It is natural for this to sound meaningless to people blinded with superstitious belief and religious or political hypocrisy, but the success and failure of a person depends on it. It is a fact and one needs to be self aware to understand this truth.
Speaking against what most of people think is right is definitely as challenging as telling people that the food that they are enjoying is disgusting. However, it is the duty of every conscious person to challenge the wrongs supported by the majority. In the beginning, it will be unpleasant and unacceptable for many people to speak up against existing social values; but in the long run, the courage to challenge outdated social values yield values that are more acceptable and harmonious for all. Even in the past, it was not easy to put forth scientific fact and logic against established religious beliefs. We have read how challenging and dangerous it was for Galileo Galilee and Charles Darwin during their time. Nevertheless, they exposed the truth by logically and scientifically challenging superstitious beliefs. Just imagine how life would have been if Galileo and Darwin had not opposed conservative thoughts with scientific facts. Because of the audacity Galileo and Darwin exhibited to face the potential danger posed by their superstitious society, the world has now come under the control of a finger tip.
I do not think that only big opportunities or chaos bring changes in human lives. Successful people utilize every occasion for change, while being critical and finally it becomes the cause of their success. There are innumerable opportunities around us but we cannot see them or fail to grab them, which in a broader sense is reducing our potential. Let’s take an example of Sir Isaac Newton; his quest to find the reasons behind a falling apple led to the discovery of gravity. His contribution to science and human civilization made him a renowned scientist all over the world. By searching for the answer to why a compass shows the north-south direction, Albert Einstein became a prominent scientist of the world. Galileo observed the lanterns hanging in a church dangling back and forth at a rapid pace and then gradually slowing down. It triggered questions in his mind which led to many discoveries in the field of the astronomy. All these examples show how a simple query can lead to ground-breaking scientific inventions.
Curiosity leads to transformation. Therefore, I would like to urge everyone to question yourself, question your family, question society, question everything and even question the actions you are taking. This will surely end our misfortune and contribute towards the establishment of a scientific society of the 21st Century. However, its importance is not limited to this. These efforts will definitely help to achieve peace, development and humanity all over the world.

Thank you!

Prakash Bikalpa