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I was born in a middle-class ‘hardline Hindu’ family. My home district is Morang, Tankisinuwari. For almost two decades, I have been living in Kathmandu, studying, and being active in social, political, and professional work. Ever since I was a child, I was a little different that is, a rebellious. It was in my nature to try to find answers to questions like why and how in everything. During that time, one day, a question arose in my mind about my name. The name that was given by Pandit in the days of Navaran was Mahadev.

By the time I reached my teenage years, I had almost decided to become a monk. But the question arose in me again: why become a sadhu, for what? What about being a monk? etc. questions, and because I could not find the correct answer, I retreated from that thought.

As I matured, I became very interested in reading the biographies of many philosophers, scientists, and successful people. I have realized that the influence of Buddhist philosophy and Marxist studies and the people’s war going on at that time made my rebellious nature even sharper without my realizing it. Perhaps due to the influence of thought and study, I was looking at every scene in society from the angle of a question and looking for an answer. Today, it seems that all this has become my way of life.

I have been quite an active person since I was a teenager. That is why I got the opportunity to lead various clubs at the age of about 14 years old. As a mature young man, I took responsibility as the leader of many social organizations. However, the experience of facing many adversities and ups and downs in life is still fresh in my mind. But I never let ‘honesty’ and intention lack in me. Until now, I have contributed to the policy-making level by holding various government responsibilities, and I have also gathered experience as a leader of national and international organizations related to youth.

Lately, I have been affiliated with the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN), which has been contributing from my place in favor of transformative politics. The study of social, economic, political, and historical issues is my main interest. Around this time, I have been publishing my articles in various national dailies. I have also been writing books since 2019. Some of my books related to the study and research of many subjects, including youth, good governance, policy-planning, religion, and development, have been published. Some study reports have also been published under my leadership.

Influenced by nature, science, and humanistic thought, I am trying to contribute, even if it is little, to achieving humanity in Nepal only. It has been almost seven years since I gave up my caste and religion. I don’t want to get involved in any religious activities. Yes, this is what my constitution says. I did not see the scientific reason or justification of such activities. This means I am a person who prefers to do only reasonable work. My personal constitution does not allow me to do anything other than be right about nature, science, and humanism. I am a supporter of world prosperity based on science, social justice, and humanity.

During the study and writing, I had a feeling. That is to say, the chapter that I think is very good today, when I read it tomorrow, I feel a little bad. I will work on it again. By the way, until the book is published, I have made many corrections myself. I send it to the publisher only when it feels good.

The reason why I am sharing this experience with you is that for a good and successful life, there is a need for continuous correction in the understanding and consciousness of the past. Constantly correcting your understanding makes life as beautiful as a fully edited book. He who corrects past understandings and deeds today, i.e., lives in mobility, always lives a fresh and successful life. And only such people can contribute to society. I don’t think that those who believe in yesterday’s understanding as the ultimate truth and live in orthodoxy can make society or their own lives very successful. This feeling of mine is the life I live today.

If people considered the Stone Age to be correct, where would we have reached today? Even today, people would be living their lives eating kandamul covered with apples. However, even if only a few people see the possibility of a more advanced future than the Stone Age, we are at the peak of modernity.

I don’t celebrate birthdays. Because I have done such a great thing by being born, let’s celebrate by cutting the cake! I have not contributed to the world by making any scientific inventions. I have not done anything unusual for society! Again, I may sound presumptuous when I say this. But that’s not the case! I am a person who enjoys doing something new every day. I don’t want to waste two days of my life eating, sleeping, and entertaining myself while learning about society. Another thing is that yesterday and tomorrow have not come into my life in over ten years. Since the last seven years, I have always worked until 1 a.m. Therefore, by the time I go to sleep, both yesterday and tomorrow are ‘today’. Yes, I believe in today and live with today.

Well, my wish is that the family should donate my useful organs to someone after my death. Even if it’s just one person who contributes to the progress of society, my dying body can be saved. After my death, I should not be cremated according to any religious texts or traditions. Yes, that’s what my policy says. I want to live and die according to this policy. Not only the education received from society yesterday, but also the knowledge gained from my own thinking, have relevance today. If that is relative, I adopt. If not, I discard it and look for something new.

The more I read about social transformation and scientific exploration, the more anxiety and dread I feel. Assuming that I die without contributing anything to the progress of society, due to the unimaginable deaths of some of my close friends and relatives, I myself am a person who has accepted death with confidence. After accepting death, it would be free from the fear of it. But as long as you live, try to live a meaningful life. This creates a storm in my mind. Therefore, I have a habit of doing anything quickly. I would like to do more social work at a faster pace.

The source of my consciousness is the great man Gautama Buddha, Karl Marx, Nelson Mandela, Rahul Sanskritiyan, etc.—all the great pioneers synonymous with social progress that I have read, heard, seen, and associated with. I want to show my respect by bowing to them.

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