Possibility Of Developing Mars Settlement

Monday, July 24, 2023

Saun 8, 2080 | Nepal Sambat 1143 | Analaathwo Khasthi


-Prakash Bikalpa

Looking at the history of human development, there are basically two concepts of human evolution – creationism and evolutionary. The concept of creationism has dominated human beings since the prehistoric age. It is deeply rooted in human conscious-ness. It is a religious belief that both animate and inanimate things came into existence by virtue of the acts supernat-ural powers. This divine force is synon-ymous with the term ‘consciousness.’ It postulates the ideas of two lives of humans – one who breathes and one who does not. However, there is a deep con-nection between both lives. It is said that a person who breathes will go to reside in heaven on the basis of his/her good deeds on earth after breathing his last. The notion of consciousness is superior element for human but it has been built around superstition.

Whatever humans are doing today is the result of their consciousness. While I am writing this article, some people may be praying while others some may be doing scientific research. What a person did yesterday, what s/he is doing today, and what s/he will do tomorrow are determined by his/her consciousness. Scientific knowledge helps people suc-ceed, while superstitious belief forces them to lag behind. Superstition-laced consciousness did not allow the people to be equal and society to be united. Some are big, some are small, some are born as rulers and some are born for the slaves. Social customs and cultures were con-structed accordingly, giving rise to the resentment and revolt in society.

Source of strife

The false consciousness is the main causes of fighting, unrest and war today. Human civilisation based on creationism is proven to be erroneous with the rapid development of science and technology. The creationist concept is also the rea-son behind the misery of most people on earth. It has pushed people about five hundred years back. With creationist concept developing as inviolable faith in the society, the story of humans’ painful life began. What is more dangerous is that the creationist concept treated the human body as everything, giving lesser space to the brain. But the human brain is the key to the human development and cognitive evolution. Thus, creationist school destroyed the people’s capacity and their desires, wishes and freedom.

In 1859 when Charles Darwin pro-pounded the evolutionary concept (sci-entific concept) that includes theories of evaluation and selection of nature, a serious question arose regarding the authenticity of the creationist concept. The evolutionary concept brought before people’s eyes the fact that the origin and development of the universe and every-thing in it were based on evaluation and natural selection. Let’s now ponder over possibility of developing human civilisa-tion on Mars.

Currently, not only the developed countries but also the visionary, sci-entist, and entrepreneur Elon Musk is taking a lead role for the Mars mission. Not only powerful nations such as China and the USA but also Nepal’s neighbour India is on the frontline to pursue the scientific study of Mars. So far, billions of rupees have been spent on the Mars mission. In 2000, Elon Musk created a company named ‘Space-X,’ which is doing the necessary work to establish a human settlement on Mars. According to his plan, 300,000 earthlings can be sent to Mars within 2050. At present, he is manu-facturing an affordable rocket ‘starship’ to make Mars travel cheap and safe. It is also producing the necessary machines and tools to develop a human settlement on Mars.

The Mars mission has become the dream of the richest countries in the world today. They are focusing on further scientific research and building physical infrastructure there. They are seem-ingly paying attention to realise only the dream of stepping foot on the Mars, not what should human civilisation be like on the Mars. They are not outlining the social, political, and economic system on Mars. This article seeks to make the debate on Mars settlement meaningful.

The above-mentioned human civilisa-tion of the earth should be remembered once again. Thousands of generations of people have accepted the creationist concept based on superstition as the ulti-mate truth, which is also a major factor for human suffering. So it is better not to take those believing in creationist con-cept to the Marsh. When the creationist concept persists for a long time, it takes root up to the level of the subconscious mind of human.

Scientific culture

The frontrunners of the Mars mis-sion should not forget Giordano Bruno. As we know that in the 16th century, the philosopher and astronomer Bruno was burnt alive in Rome’s Campo de Fiori for his scientific outlook. It should also be remembered that the scientist Galileo Galilei was punished by creationists for speaking against the beliefs of the cre-ation. Only scientific consciousness and humanity should reach the Mars. The human civilisation on the Mars built by such consciousness should be based on scientific culture. It should consider the human brain as the main thing.

It is not about who is big or who is small. Let the culture of equality be built based on the laws of nature. The art and culture created by the people of the Mars should be based on nature and humanity. Finally, let a human civilization based on nature, science, and humanity be built on the Mars. Only this will ensure devel-opment, wellbeing and peace and unity on the red planet.

(The author is a researcher and pres-ident of the Alternative Foundation.